Date : 28-11-2020 | Time : 11:00am -12 noon

On Kartik Purnima in Odisha, we celebrate the Boat Festival (Boita Bandana) by heading to the nearest water body to set afloat miniature boats lit with diyas, incense sticks, betel leaves and nuts too. This workshop is specially designed keeping in mind this maritime tradition and what all we could do to keep single use plastics out of our water bodies.

Topics Covered:

  • Types of Plastics and the need to shift to better alternatives
  • Hidden Plastics in our Lives and aspects of recycling, upcycling and downcycling
  • Demonstration on the various alternatives

Every registration will get a pack of Palmera brushes worth Rs 400/- delivered to the Indian address provided.

Photo Courtesy : Krishna Jenamoni